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John Altman, Developer

John Altman’s experience in real estate in general and specifically in multi-family housing ownership, management and development began in the early 1960’s. Shortly after that, he became licensed in Texas as a real estate broker. During eighteen years as a successful apparel outerwear manufacturer, he concurrently purchased, sold, supervised and managed his real estate portfolio. After selling part of the manufacturing business and closing the balance in 1986, real estate became his full time endeavor.

In the summer of 1987, John entered the multi-family housing industry as a contrarian, as the Texas real estate market plummeted into an era of deep recession. Since then he has purchased twenty-two apartment complexes, plus other real estate acquisitions. Ten complexes required reconstruction type of major rehabilitation. He played an instrumental part in financing, acquiring, and/or structuring many other transactions.

John has been developing rural acreage and urban neighborhood lots in infield assemblages. A large portion of his efforts are transactions in new multi-family “AA” apartment developments.  He has done seven major fee developments for a national REIT totaling over 1500 units of “AA” quality apartment units for them. John has also developed and built flexible commercial space in Southlake, Colleyville, and Royse City, Texas. He has converted and re-developed older buildings into lofts, retail and commercial space; such as 1208 Magnolia and the Landers Machine shop located in inner city Fort Worth, Texas. John takes great pride in the approximately 3000 apartments units of rehabilitation construction and over 2500 units of new construction. At present he is in the process of developing seven “AA” complexes consisting of an additional 1200 units.


Michael D. Schnitzer, Esq. – Legal and Equity Acquisition

Michael is a real estate, business and probate attorney. He is a graduate of Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and University of Texas School of Law. He has been licensed since 1986. He has been a fee attorney with Commonwealth Land Title since 1992. Michael represents a number of prominent DFW area clients, including Michael Johnson Performance and Sharif and Munir Customer Builders. Michael has represented John Altman with respect to his many development activities for over 20 years.


Fran McCarthy

Fran studied building science at Prince George’s College and also worked for a New York retailer, Ormond Shops, while putting himself through college.  Fran’s skills were quickly noticed by upper management and soon he was hired to manage new construction.

Fran was hired by a Fort Worth based construction company to manage retail store construction on the west coast.  Fran subsequently relocated to Fort Worth and founded Westwood Contractors, a national construction company and later started Westmark Development to pursue consulting and developing sites for national retailers. 

In the early 1990’s, Fran became troubled by suburban sprawl and became more interested in the urban village lifestyle and the use of historic redevelopment as a route to central city redevelopment.  He focused his attention on Fort Worth’s Near Southside, which had become blighted with businesses leaving for the suburbs.  Fran was one of the pioneers of the redevelopment along Magnolia Avenue in the Near Southside and he moved his home and offices onto Magnolia Avenue in 1995. 

Fran has been John Altman’s associate for 20 years.  Together, they have rehabbed several buildings in Fort Worth and are currently in the process of rehabbing three buildings in downtown Ennis.


Nancy Vander Giessen

First Enterprise Corporation
Kaufman, Texas
Associate for 25 years
Processes lender, mortgagor and project documentation


Neil Di Giammatteo

During the past 21 years, Neil has been president and co-owner of a luxury custom home building and remodeling company, Team 3 Homes, in Southlake, TX. Team 3 Estate Homes was established to provide unique and high quality design/build services for new construction and significant remodels to a discriminating client base. Many of the clients are repeat customers as their housing needs over the years have changed. The company has been recognized as a leader in its industry with published articles, magazine features and Neil has won numerous awards for his work. He is a registered homebuilder, architect and interior designer.

During this same period, he has also been engaged as a consultant and/or partner to residential, multi-family and commercial developers for various projects in the Dallas – Fort Worth market and Texas.

Prior to his residential experience, has was a 10-year partner with a large national commercial real estate development company and for eight years after, owned and operated a commercial real estate development, leasing and property management company in Texas


Jeff Rosenfield

Jeffrey L. Rosenfield currently resides in North Dallas with two sons and three dogs.  Jeffrey is the current elected Judge of Dallas County Criminal Court of Appeals #2 for the past eight and one half years. Prior to taking the bench, Judge Rosenfield practiced law for 19 years primarily in the Criminal and Family law areas.  For the past 25 years, Jeffrey has been an investor in many successful commercial and residential real estate opportunities throughout the country.  He is the sole owner of Rosenfield Properties, LLC.


Michael Barnard

Michael has been an associate of John Altman’s for the past 25 years. He and John have successfully invested in and assembled lots and houses in sections of Fort Worth. They have converted many buildings in Fort Worth to profitable lofts, businesses and art galleries.  Michael and John are currently developing several lots in a semi-industrial area of Fort Worth.


Karen Williams, CPA

Smith, Williams & Co.
Addison, Texas
Tax accountant and advisor since 1972


Linda Rankin

First Enterprise Corporation
Kaufman, Texas
Specializes in Project Management of medium to large size developments.  Other specializations include legal documentation, paralegal skills, and preparation of marketing materials. Linda was previously the President of the Gun Barrel City Economic Development Corporation and is currently a Mayor Pro Tem of Gun Barrel City.


Kathy Newton, CPA

Dallas, Texas
Associate for 15 years
Processes payments, monthly financial statements and documentation covering draws, etc.